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Manage Every Aspect of Your Job, Without Leaving Your Desk

If you ask our existing customers why they chose InfoIMAGE, they'd most likely reference our InfoTRAC™ web management platform as a differentiator that makes them extremely competitive. It allows you to manage every single aspect of your job—from data processing through delivery. At any stage of production, you can view statements, status reports, check inventory levels, mail tracking and statement messaging. The ability to see every aspect of your job has amazing potential, but what you do with that information can change your business.


View Your Job from Every Angle with InfoTRAC™

InfoTRAC™ gives you up-to-date status reports on any of your pending and current jobs. Each document mailed is archived in the InfoTRAC™ database and images of those pieces are available to you at the touch of a button—our unique 2D datamatrix barcodes identify them instantly.  A complete inventory management system allows you to access reports on warehoused paper, envelopes and inserts at anytime. InfoTRAC™ offers a 360-degree view into your statements that will change the way you use information.