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Marketing Expertise

Advanced one to one marketing through multiple channels. We offer data driven full service marketing programs via e mail, SMS, Web, On Statement, video, and direct mail. From preapproval campaigns, new customer acquisition, onboarding, upselling, welcome kits, we have it all.



Direct Marketing via email blast and direct mail

Preapproval campaigns, onboarding programs, loan offers, new customer acquisition, credit lines, all based on years of experience and knowing the products your customers are most likely to purchase next based on existing balance, products, and other information you already have.

Location Based services

Allow your partners to offer location based discounts to your customers. One of our Credit Unions used our search functionality to determine their members spent over 2 million a year at a specific retailer. The retailer and Credit Union worked with us to launch an app that allowed the Members to get an offer for a discount on their cell phone each time they entered the retailer’s store.

Data Mining

Our advanced data search tools allow your marketing department to create effective targeted messages and offers.

Document Messaging

On Statement Graphics, video, API links, all managed online with our best of breed CRM interactive tool for creating and adding data driven messages.

Electronic Insert presentment- ePresent your newsletters, inserts, and all other documents you print

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