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PaperLESS is More

More revenue. More client retention. More ways to reduce costs. At InfoIMAGE, eStatements provide statements to customers online at a fraction of the cost. Forget about printing, postage, corrupt mailing data—we can help you send a simple email directing your customers to an online statement. They can easily access a dynamic electronic document that’s colorful, message-appropriate and easy to navigate.

You can present your documents in either HTML or PDF format. HTML allows for quick web viewing. PDF enables your clients to retrieve, view and save identical printed statements. Based on your rules and regulatory requirements, account history can be archived for up to seven years.

A Interface Designed for Ease-of-Use

We know the value of a friendly user-interface. Our eStatement web interface is easy to search and simple to navigate—you can even add ‘electronic inserts’ that customers would traditionally receive in the mail. It’s all of your pertinent statement information, vital corporate branding and customer-specific messaging, wrapped up in one secure, easy-to-use electronic document. And it reaches your customers within moments of distribution.

We keep pace with tomorrow’s technology so you can reap the benefits today. We have a team of computer savvy employees dedicated solely to the evolution of our technology. We’re constantly tweaking and refining our processes to remain current, providing our customers with secure, leading-edge interactive solutions.

Show Your Customers Your Best Side

InfoIMAGE eStatements give your customers the advantage of fully-integrated statements while your company reaps the financial benefits. All site-related customer navigation data is tracked, housed securely in a central location, and united with existing customer information. From there, you’ll have access to powerful data that will allow you to customize each user interface, connect with customers instantly, and reduce production costs dramatically. eStatements will position your company as a ‘partner,’ enabling you to show your customers flexibility, agility, and an unparalleled e-presence.