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Quantum Leap in Electronic Presentment and Mobile Functionality

ePresentment with instant gratification through Mobile or traditional channels. We offer bi-directional SMS, bi-direction document exchange, eSignature, Bill payment, and advanced marketing. We post eStatements, eTax, eNotices, eLoan, in other words all document types.





We have SSO, DSO, and API integration with all major Internet banking providers. Our print and electronic solutions are re-branded and sold by numerous large core and internet banking providers. We offer in frame, real time core updates and a truly integrated solution. Some of the groups we currently work with include; DI, Q2, Alkami, Fiserv, Fidelity, ACI, Jawalla, and many more.


Mobile applications

iPad, iPhone, SMS text, all other mobile devices. We are compatible with all mobile devices, our applications are responsive, and all of our products are designed for the instant gratification of today’s fast paced world.

Bi-Directional Document Exchange

Why spend extra money overnighting or mailing large documents that are time sensitive. Provide those refinancing or loan documents electronically in a secure environment. We offer a secure document exchange module with eSignature and payment capabilities. Not only can you provide documents to your clients, but also allows your client to upload and securely store important documents like wills, legal documents, and other valuable eDocs with who they trust most; their Financial Institution.


Flexibility on how your customers View their documents

HTML - a truly interactive statement that allows the Member/ customer to resort columns by date, check amount, product, and key word search, and customize the account summary section

PDF document presentment - The industry standard

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