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Composition Print and Mail

InfoIMAGE works with every major core, IP, and IB provider. We work with file types from HTML to print ready. Our clients enjoy the maximum possible postal discounts available from the USPS.





Core and Internet banking Experience

With over 250 clients spread across every major core, item processor, and Internet banking provider we have the experience and connections required to make any conversion a stress free experience. We work with every output file including HTML, Flat, PCL, and print ready. We have SSO, DSO and API integration with all major Internet banking providers. Our print and electronic solutions are re-branded and sold by numerous large core and internet banking providers. We have direct connects with most core's allowing for real time updates and a truly integrated solution.



We with every type of output (HTML, PCL, FLAT, PCL and many more). We have the ability to create best of breed documents customized to meet all of your needs. Large account summary sections, Interactive HTML content, language options, combined product statements, white space management, MicroStatements, you name it and we can deliver.


Postal Discounting

Your largest expense related to Document production and distribution is postage. Infoimage based on our large client base and advanced systems will produce and mail your statements at the lowest possible cost. We offer presorted, comingled 5 digit postage. Our presort facility will sort your mail, take it directly to the airport, load it on a flight and send it directly to the local substation for delivery skipping all of the time eating bulk mail centers.


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