Credit Unions

Good member service isn’t good enough anymore. You need to be able to communicate quickly and securely with your members, providing everything from eStatements to personalized marketing. Staying current with postal regulations and doing it all without compromising data is nearly impossible.


We Put the Focus Back on Your Core Business Objectives

When you partner with InfoIMAGE, you delegate the information issues that dilute your core business objectives. We have the technology and expertise to quickly and securely produce high-volume communications, all under one roof. We provide integrated solutions in the following areas:

Daily notices
Tax forms
Checks or check letters
CD-ROM archiving
Customer-specific marketing

Marketing Without Limits

Your InfoIMAGE partnership covers all bases. We create compelling statements and eStatements that reach your members with robust, compelling and highly-targeted messaging—you can create unique text and graphics for different customers. With InfoIMAGE, your existing statements can create new revenue.

100% Data-to-Mail Integrity, We Mean It

Guaranteed. Printing, inserting and mailing are critical stages that can affect the quality of any campaign. We’ve placed camera and scanner inspection stations at each of these stages, and we’ve integrated the highest industry standards with 2D datamatrix technology and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). Combining 2D datamatrix and OMR technology allows us to instantly track, audit, and check the quality of any document, anywhere in the system..


Daily Notices, On-Demand

When it comes to daily notices, faster is better. The more quickly you can reach members with pertinent messages, the more quickly issues can be resolved. Let us handle your daily notices so your employees can focus on customer service.


We’ll Bridge the Gaps

You can rely on InfoIMAGE—we cover the dissemination of your member information securely and efficiently. We’re ready to help you up sell, cross-sell, meet postal regulations, maintain clean data, and free your existing employees from managing member communications. Join us.