Use Us Where & When You Need Us

Where does your business end and ours begin? We’re not sure, really, because we partner with you in everything involving the processing, printing, and online presentation of financial, transactional and other variable-data documents. You call the shots. Use us where and when you need us. And when you do, count on an unprecedented level of quality assurance. Choose any of the following solutions:

Account-holder statements
Check images and substitute checks
Daily letters and notices
Taxable income/interest forms
Highly-targeted marketing
Powerful direct mail campaigns

Increased Revenue with Reduced Risk

Outsourcing your production to InfoIMAGE reduces your risks and operational expenses and improves your financial institution’s flexibility, timeliness, cash flow, and account holder satisfaction—compared to doing it in-house or relying on other providers that do not specialize in processing financial documents. Though widely diverse, all of the services provided by InfoIMAGE lead back to one thing: variable data. It’s what got us started and it’s what keeps us going. Our expertise lies in processing and manipulating the output of your data for printing, electronic delivery, targeted marketing or permanent archiving.

100% Data-to-Document Integration

Our focus is simple—processing, manipulating and delivering your information in a way that creates ROI. We do what it takes to provide you with 100% data-to-document integrity and accuracy at any level. We work with you to help you leverage your information to create revenue. It's a partnership that reduces risk and operational expenses, increases speed-to-value, and makes your organization agile. When you can leverage your information to create revenue, anything is possible.

We offer you a clear advantage: superior and seamless integration and transition of your data for whatever goals you may have—today and anytime in the future. Outsourcing to InfoIMAGE delivers more than convenience. It eliminates unnecessary expense. It even protects you from obsolescence. No matter how you look at it, it just makes good business sense.


The Security You Demand for Your Data

With experience operating large-scale data centers, InfoIMAGE has physical security controls in place that surpass every intrusion test. Multi-layer firewalls, 128-bit SSL encryption, and dedicated data lines are just some examples of how access to your data is secured. Security features inherent throughout our operations provide a friendly and safe environment for you and your customers. InfoIMAGE is Level I & II SAS 70 level certified, confirming our commitment to excellence, accuracy, security and privacy.