Building Technology that Grows ROI

For us, innovation doesn’t stop at statements. We back up our reputation as an industry leader with state-of-the-art technology.

‘Quality Control’ is an Understatement

Printing, inserting and mailing are critical stages in any campaign. To ensure we’re living up to our name, we’ve installed camera and scanner inspection stations at all of these stages. The combination of 2D datamatrix and Optical Mark Recognition technology allows us to instantly track, audit, and check the quality of any document, anywhere in the system. To maintain a high level of quality assurance, InfoIMAGE hosts a database containing an image of every document mailed or sent electronically. Authorized users can instantly and securely access any statement sent.

We build advanced tracking technology and rigorous controls into every job. Our InfoTRAC™ job tracking system is a cutting-edge, finger-on-the-pulse solution that puts your job right where it belongs—in your hands. All outgoing and return mail contains USPS IMB barcodes detailing the location and route of each item and InfoTRAC™ brings all relevant shipping information together in one user-friendly place. Each of our clients receives the unique InfoIMAGE promise—100% data integrity on every job. 100%. Everytime. It’s a guarantee of overall quality and integrity that you won’t find anywhere else.

Yesterday’s technology won’t cut it in today’s economy. Fortunately, we have a staff of technical professionals that is ever-evolving to meet new industry regulations and challenges. It’s a slice of our business that focuses solely on technological challenges as they relate to everything from implementation to security. Our technology prowess is part of who we are. It’s what we do best, and it’s one of the reasons we’re a leader in our industry. At InfoIMAGE, tomorrow’s technology provides clients with new revenue opportunities today.