Your Business is Our Focus

Your business needs are unique to the industry you represent. We work behind the scenes to design, produce, manage, print, deliver and leverage information in a way that meets your specific business objectives.

Present Revenue-Generating Statements

We’ve put decades of customer insights and product innovation to work—designing and refining new processes and technologies to meet the needs of specific industries. Our systems are designed to integrate with yours, ultimately creating an accurate, punctual and efficient solution for statement delivery. Whether your focus is financial or healthcare, InfoIMAGE can help you present your existing statements in a way that generates new revenue.

We Adapt to Meet Your Industry Needs

Your customers want instant, secure access to their critical account information. InfoIMAGE clients are focused on attaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we’re comfortable with companies that have a large number of account holders. We offer an integrated line of proven products and solutions for creating, printing, distributing and mailing documents efficiently and securely—no matter which industry you represent.


Utilize the statements you already send, fine-tune your data, add robust marketing that sells, and subtly push your messaging to the next level.



Credit Union

Up-sell, cross-sell, meet postal regulations, maintain clean data, and lighten the load on your employees.



Reduce operational expenses and improve your organization's flexibility, timeliness, and member satisfaction.

Financial Services
Increase your client retention, improve your competitive position, find new areas of revenue and reduce your costs.