Agility Has its Advantages

InfoIMAGE can reduce operational expenses and improve your organization's flexibility, timeliness, and member satisfaction. We’re known for our integrated healthcare programs that were designed for outsourcing patient communications.
Our expertise has made us a leading provider of immediate, cost-effective solutions for processing, printing and electronically delivering patient and member statements. Here are a few ways we serve healthcare clients:

Explanation of benefits (EOB) statements
Patient bills
EOB reimbursement checks


Customer Payments at InfoIMAGE Speed

InfoIMAGE is acutely focused on healthcare. Helping our healthcare clients increase revenue and improve the patient experience is vital. We can help you speed customer payments by almost a week with our electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP). Expediting patient payments with InfoIMAGE brings dollars in ahead of schedule, while allowing your personnel to focus on other business initiatives. Communicating electronically can lower your production costs by almost one-third.


Focus on the Health of Your Business

We’ve designed unparalleled production facilities that offer everything from creative direction to 100% data-to-mail integrity. Cameras, scanners and barcodes cover every step of production. Whether you’re processing and printing EOB statements and bills, printing checks, or delivering eStatements, you’ll have complete online access to your job. We understand the concerns associated with outsourcing your statement production and delivery. Our powerful customer interface allows you to make changes, view statement images, and track every piece mailed.

InfoIMAGE can help you shorten payment cycles by automating the entire process. Contact us today to see how we can help you use your existing billing cycles for revenue generation.