Redesign Without Reinventing the Wheel

Most of our clients will tell you that they see the benefits of statement redesign in their bottom line. A reformatted statement can help you improve your corporate branding, readability and effectiveness. Our statement redesign experts will help you determine what fits, what works, and what sells. They’ve seen it all, and they’ve repeatedly analyzed post-campaign data to gain a better understanding of what can be improved.

You can reduce your call center workload with clear statements. Your customers will be able to find what they need quickly, without contacting your customer service representatives for assistance. Getting started is simple:

Add a summary section to the first page of your statement for at-a-glance convenience
Clearly display account data, reducing help calls
Reduce page count with intelligent reformatting and white space management
Print a reconciliation form on the back of the first page instead of using costly pre-printed backers
Add targeted, relevant marketing messages to up-sell product
Print selected statements in a foreign language, fully translated or with bilingual headings
Achieve a ‘big financial institution’ look and unify your corporate branding
Add images, graphs or inline inserts

Statements that Communicate

InfoIMAGE integrates with most core banking systems and check imaging companies. Statements represent current account data and we believe their design, imagery and messaging should reflect that. Whether you need paper or electronic statements, we have the teams and technology to help you create current, compelling and organic documents that generate revenue instead of customer service calls.