Daily Notices

Just Say When

Reaching customers daily? Absolutely. Same-day turnaround? Just say the word.

You need to be able to print or e-deliver any message to your customers at a moment’s notice. InfoIMAGE can make it effortless to efficiently manage, produce and distribute daily—or urgent—account-holder information. You’ll be able to send daily letters in standard business envelopes or postcard format. Or, you can reduce costs by delivering them electronically. Once you settle on a format, you can completely customize your message. Think of it as having an in-house agency to help you create unique, targeted print and electronic information. Then imagine that information being printed or emailed into the hands of your customers. You can customize your message or choose from the following options:


Welcome Letters
Insufficient Fund Notices
Service-Related Information
Credit Limit Notice
Stop Confirmation
Balance Transfer Notice
Late Payments
Finance Charges


Streamline Your Success

Imagine your business potential if you could bring all of your communications together in one place. When everything is timely, unified, and branded, your customer sees an organization with integrity. They become more loyal while you benefit from higher levels of quality control and cost-savings. If you select eNotice as a way to reach your clients, they not only receive an email—information is archived electronically for quick, online access.


Our Expertise, Your Advantage

For financial organizations of all shapes and sizes, postage is rated as one of the highest operating expenses. USPS rates for postcards provide an opportunity for up to 35% savings on postal costs. For example, the new double-postcard provides adequate space to present account messaging while including a business reply card. In this economic climate, it’s more important than ever to evaluate customer communications. We’ve done the legwork for you.


Daily Does It

Select postcards or letters

Request same-day-turnaround

Reduce postal fees

Automate processing

Meet legal and regulatory requirements

Deliver and archive electronically

Track all client communications