Take Your Existing Statements to the Next Level

We understand that statements are an important part of your business. We can help you turn them into customized, marketing machines. From creative design to content, we provide technology that allows you to add, change, or adapt statement messaging based on which customer you’re mailing to. Imagine that—reaching a specific customer with a specific message, on demand, right from your computer. Our talented creative teams are at your disposal, or you can integrate your in-house or external creative teams with our processes. We utilize the statements you already send, fine-tune your data, add robust marketing characteristics that sell, and subtly push your messaging to the next level.


To remain competitive, you need to be able to consolidate data, reduce the number of statement pages, and make each customer’s financial position clear and easy to identify. Now it’s easy to revolutionize your statements with a professional layout that quickly communicates your overall brand positioning. With InfoIMAGE, your simple documents become subtle powerhouses.



Your existing statements can become up-selling, cross-selling marketing messages with Message Manager. You can instantly reach each individual customers with personalized and targeted messaging.



We integrate the highest industry standards with Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and 2D datamatrix technology with camera and scanner inspection stations.



Your team will have access to our online InfoTRAC™ job-tracking system. You can view details of your job, access reports, check mailing times and verify date stamps. Your online dashboard gives you a window into every job.