Data Integrity

Data is What We Do

At InfoIMAGE, we want to help our clients remain competitive by offering advice in multiple areas. We take the time to define the best vehicle and content for each campaign before tackling the mission-critical stages of printing, inserting and mailing. To provide customers with the best quality possible, we’ve placed camera and scanner inspection stations at each of these stages, and we’ve integrated the highest industry standards with 2D datamatrix technology and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). Combining 2D datamatrix and OMR technology allows us to instantly track, audit, and check the quality of any document, anywhere in the system. Our customers continue to tell us they’re grateful for our commitment to technology, quality and accuracy.

We strive to insulate our customers from external mailing and data issues. Our connection to The USPS National Change of Address database gives our customers access to more than 160 million records updated on a weekly basis. We utilize the NCOA Link System to update lists as statements are being sent out—it’s done electronically by matching names and addresses contained within client billing data against the national database of changes. Old addresses are sent to the NCOA customer list and new addresses are returned as matches are made. It’s the one of the first steps before a piece hits the mail—data doesn’t get much more current than that.

Our 100% data integrity guarantee sets the bar for our customers. Anything less than 100% accuracy, 100% of the time, isn’t enough.