Message Manager

Take Your Customer Relationships to the Next Level

Did you know your existing statements could deliver highly-targeted marketing messages? We can help you leverage customer interest into an upsell or cross-sell opportunity. Our web-based Message Manager makes it easy to compose, target and manage custom statement messages from your desktop. Once you write and edit the text, you can designate default and priority messages, and assign variable messages by month, account range, zip code, or specific customer. Message Manager leverages what you have, while allowing you to reach customers with personalized messaging. You can:

Up-sell and cross-sell with customer-specific messaging
Manage multiple message areas throughout each statement
Announce important company-related news
Increase customer retention with targeted communications
Promote the preservation of natural resources with eStatements


Create Unique Messaging for Individual Customers

Each customer is unique. Message Manager makes it easy to create highly-customized statements for your individual customers. Instead of generic statement messaging, you can add dynamic content. Message Manager makes it easy to market relevant promotions and create messaging based on customer preferences and buying patterns. It's an easy way to increase customer retention that's as user-friendly as it is secure.